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SunSetter(R) Awnings is among the leading awning manufacturers

Best SunSetter(R) Awning Dealer

SunSetter(R) Awnings is among the leading awning manufacturers that have been in business for the past 30 years. To get these high-quality awnings, however, you need a connection to the right SunSetter(R) Awnings dealer whose main focus is ensuring that you get the awning you need, wherever you are, and at a price you can afford.

 At Eastern Improvements in Dallas, we have earned a reputation as a trusted Sunset Awnings dealer where we will only sell the best retractable or stationary awnings. Our over 2000 customers in Dallas and from Metroplex at large can attest to our exceptional services every time they need SunSetter(R) Awnings.

Are you still unsure why you need to call us now for the supply of SunSetter(R) awnings? We will help you make that decision:

We stock the best SunSetter(R) Awnings models

Whenever you come to us, you will never miss your favorite awning model as they are all available. If you are not sure of the right awning for your home, our professional staff will help you to make the right choice based on your needs, the place where the SunSetter(R) awnings will be installed, how you will be using the awning, and the budget that you have set aside.

All the SunSetter(R) Awnings we stock have a 5-year warranty

Are you afraid that you will have your awning installed and within no time have it ruined and out of shape? We have your interests catered for by providing a 5-year warranty for all SunSetter(R) awnings. We can assure you that our fabric is of the highest quality and will stand the test of time.

We have a team of professionals to help you install the SunSetter(R) awnings

Our team of professionals will ensure that they take care of every detail when installing your awning. We will delight in providing services that will make you bring in more business to us and ensure that everyone who takes shelter in your awning will enjoy the relaxation and the cooling sensation that it will bring.

Some of the SunSetter(R) Awnings models you will find at Eastern Improvements are:

  • Motorized Sunsetter Awning
  • Motorized XL Awnings
  • Vista Sunsetter Awnings
  • Sunsetter Awning Model 1000XT
  • Oasis Motorized and Manual Freestanding Awnings

If you are looking for an awning that is easy to use, elegant, and simple to operate, this is the best choice for you. You will be able to retract it when you are not using it by just a touch of a button!

This model is similar to the motorized awning with the only difference being the extent to which it will project. It will provide a wider coverage and will be ideal for you if you have an extensive area for the installation.

We also stock this manually operated awning if you do not want motorization. If you are working on a limited budget but still need an elegant lateral arm-style Sunsetter Awning, this is your best option. Vista awnings have no competition when it comes to quality and technology and you will enjoy protection at your convenience.

This awning model is convenient for places where the weather is windy or you plan to have the awning open most of the time. The awning has rainaway arches and will fit properly in places where there are low eaves.

This Sunsetter awning will allow you to have a shade on any location such as by the pool, on the deck, or on any other place of your choice. The motorized oasis will be operated with a remote control but for the manual Oasis, the operation will be manual using a hand crank.

We are licensed and have the right insurance coverage

At Eastern Improvements, we have fulfilled all the legal requirements and have a valid license to allow us to provide awnings installation services. We also have an insurance cover and this means you can relax knowing that any eventuality is covered. When we come to you, we will work until you sit back and give us that satisfied smile for a job well done.

SunSetter(R)  awnings will make your home more stylish and add to its functionality. Instead of consuming a lot of energy in trying to cool off your house, all you will do is to set up your awning and you can enjoy the coolest breeze at your convenience.

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When you come to us at Eastern Improvement Dallas, we will work towards making the right choice of awning that will be a perfect fit for your home, one that will make your home more stylish and serve the purpose for which it will be set up. Bill Duncan only works with the best team whose main focus is you, our customer. If you are unsure of the right size and type of SunSetter(R) awning, we will take pride in coming over to your home, get the measurements and then provide an estimate without any obligations.

From the many types of SunSetter(R) awnings we have in stock, you may find it hard to choose the one that is the best for you. Don’t worry as this is the reason we are here.


We will help you to make a choice in consideration of the following:

SunSetter(R) Awnings use the best fabric in the making of every awning model to ensure that they will last for a long time without the need to replace them.  You can choose the woven acrylic fabric which is water repellant and has been solution dyed. The dye will make the awning fade resistant so that it will remain attractive for many years.

The traditional laminated fabric is also available which is flame resistant and is made of waterproof vinyl that has been re-enforced.  This fabric has 5 layers and will be resistant to mildew and fading. It will be quite easy to clean it which will ensure that it remains as good as new for a prolonged period.

Do not worry about UVA or UVB rays as these materials provided 99% protection. The fabrics have been recommended by the Skin cancer Foundation.

We will measure the place where the awning will be installed to ensure that you will be buying the right size. SunSetter(R) awnings are made in a way that you will be able to adjust the extent to which the awning will open or close. If the area that the awning will be installed is extensive, you can choose the Motorized XL awnings which will be able to extend for up to 12 feet. If you have a limited space, however, you will opt to buy the regular Motorized awning. The 1000XT SunSetter(R) awning model is available in different sizes and your choice will depend on the measurements of the area that it will be set up.

We will make this choice depending on your personal preference and on the budget you have set aside for the project. You can choose of the more than 42 colour and fabric retractable awning types that will be rolled up or extended whenever you choose to do so. Alternatively, you can choose the stationary awnings that are more of a permanent installation.

Are you afraid that the color of the SunSetter(R) awning will not match with the appearance of your home? We’ve got you covered on this! The 1000XT model comes in 12 different colors and you will choose the one that matches your home.

Every SunSetter(R) awning model will cost differently and this means you will make your choice in consideration of your budget. Compared to the prices of other awnings brands, however, you will note that SunSetter(R) awnings are much more economical, despite being made of the highest quality fabrics and materials.

SunSetter(R) awnings cost differently and will also require varying maintenance procedures. If you do not want to incur additional cost on your electricity bills, you can choose the manually operated awnings that will be operated using the provided hand crank.

At Eastern improvements, we are always ready to provide professional help whenever you need to buy SunSetter(R) awnings. We will ensure that you get the right size that will allow you to greater enjoyment every time you need some fresh air. The glaring sun will no longer be a hindrance to your joy as these awnings provide the needed protection from the UV rays.

We do not just promise the best SunSetter(R) awnings but great services from the time you reach out to us enquiring about the right awning, to the time we come over to help you measure the size of the place the awning will be installed, and also in the installation of your awning.

Do you need to talk to the owner of our company? No problem! Our lines of communication are open and you will be connected to Bill Duncan whenever you need. Your satisfaction is our ultimate joy and our over 2000 customers in Dallas and Metroplex can confirm that this is true.

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